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The Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire District will be having a private holiday social get together with the board of Directors of the fire district on December 8, 2017 in the evening.

There will be a quorum present at this event and that all parties have been advised to refrain from any discussion that may appear to result in a majority agreement without the benefit of an open meeting and in violation of the open meeting laws.



The Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire Chief has instituted what is known as the Vial of Life Program within the communities of the Arizona Strip.
The program is slightly different from the National Program of the same name and is also used by the Mesquite Fire Department.  It is a simple concept that uses a large medication bottle with a form inside that contains vital information for EMS crews that may respond to a home.  There is also a sticker that is placed in the window or on the door so that the crews will easily spot it and know exactly where to get the information for treatment without wasting valuable time.
After filling out the form, the bottle is placed in the refrigerator door vs the freezer (as the national program suggests).
After doing the research Chief Hunt recommended this program to the board of directors who gave full approval for him to go ahead.  Another benefit of this program is because the Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire and Mesquite Fire do at times respond to assist each other and the crews of both fire departments will know exactly where to look for the necessary information.  
The vials may be picked up at the following locations in Arizona:  Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire Station #1, Canyonlands Community Clinic, Scenic General Store as well as various places in Mesquite, NV.
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